Justin Hunt and James Hetfield

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Available April 18th, 2017

Television in US and Canada



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2/25/17 Farmington, NM Henderson Fine Arts Center 7pm Purchase Tickets
3/11/17 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Palace Convention Center (Room 355) 7pm Purchase Tickets
3/11/17 Schererville, IN Crossroads Church (Free Admission) 7pm Learn More
5/4/17 Tucson, AZ The Loft Cinema 7:30pm Purchase Tickets
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5/24/17 Copenhagen, Denmark The Culture House-Inner City 1pm Exclusive Event
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7/13/17 Mesa, Arizona Central Christian Church (Free Admission) 7pm Learn More
9/29/17 Houston, TX Houston's First Baptist Church 7pm Purchase Tickets
10/6/17 Salt Lake City, UT The Leonardo 6:30pm Purchase Tickets


Like it or not, porn is here and it is harmful. In this controversial film, award-winning filmmaker Justin Hunt dissects the impact of pornography on societies around the globe, from how it affects the brain of the individual, to how modern technology leads to greater exposure to youth, to watching it literally tear a family apart. In what may well be one of the most devastating issues in modern culture, this film will break down the damage that porn is doing to us a human race and leave you thinking that it's clearly time that we start taking porn addiction a bit more seriously

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